Service Packages

At Mercenary Auto Care in Regina, SK, we provide several different packages to suit your needs.

VIP Package

This is the most popular package among our clients. Our VIP Package is ideal on its own or as a complement to our other service packages.

This package includes a comprehensive, two-stage wash and basic decontamination. The vehicle is then dried using our ambient power dryer (8HP, 60°F above).

After the wash stage, we clean and detail all the plastic and vinyl components, followed by extensive vacuuming and spot scrubbing where needed. Next, we condition the plastic and vinyl parts before proceeding to the exterior.

On the exterior of your vehicle, we extensively detail every inch with various professional products, including spray wax, detail sprays, tire dressings and glass cleaners. Finally, we’ll inspect the car to make sure it is ready for customer delivery.

Starting At:

  • Car: $150.00 + GST
Polished blue Audi
  • SUV: $175.00 + GST
SUV exterior
  • Truck: $200.00 + GST
Polished black Chevrolet

Interior Shampoo and Detail Package

This package starts off in the wash bay. We spray the exterior of the vehicle with a pre-soak solution to help loosen up any dirt and contaminates. The vehicle is then given a thorough rinse in preparation for degreasing.

After the rinse, we give the vehicle’s exterior a visual inspection to take note of any imperfections or damages. Next, we degrease the rubber parts, tires, and door jams. We then spray the vehicle with our premium soap, and proceed to mitt wash the vehicle.

To ensure excellent results, we use a separate mitt for the different stages of the surface. We also use a two-bucket system with premium, microfiber wash mitts. In addition, we detail all the nooks and crannies of the vehicle with professional detailing brushes.

Next, we do a final rinse before blow-drying the exteriors using warm air. The mats in the vehicle are then removed and shampooed, and placed in a separate area. We also pre-vacuum the vehicle to create a cleaner working space.

We then clean the vinyl, plastics, and brackets with professional cleaners, fine detail brushes, and air. Afterward, we extract the upholstery with our extractor (8HP, 200°F). The interior vinyl, plastics, and leathers (if applicable) are then conditioned with our water-based dressings and conditioners.

To give the exterior a nice shine, we detail the glass, rims, and tires. Then, we complete the interior by cleaning the glass. We also do precautionary post-vacuuming and a final visual inspection of the work.

After every step is done, we put in our complimentary floor mat and wait for the customer to arrive. Then, we go over the vehicle with them for quality assurance.

Starting At:

  • Car: $300.00 + GST
Car interior
  • SUV: $350.00 + GST
Clean car interior
  • Truck: $400.00 + GST
Mercenary Auto Care Detailing

Complete Package

This package includes all the services in our Interior Shampoo and Detail Package. In addition, we do a full exterior decontamination to remove any iron deposits, tree sap, road tar, and other surface contaminants. We then perform a single-stage polish using industry-leading polishes.

After the polish is complete, we finish the work with one of our premium sealants. We then go over the rest of the exterior vinyl and plastics to give them a nice reconditioning. The rims, tires, and chromes are also detailed and conditioned.

Once the initial steps are finished, we remove the excess sealant and go over the entire vehicle for a final inspection. These final procedures guarantee that the vehicle is ready to be picked up by our customer.

Starting At:

  • Car: $450.00 + GST
Professional auto detailing
  • SUV: $500.00 + GST
White Mercedes SUV
Mercenary Auto Care Detailing

Let us know if you have any questions about our packages. Call us at 306-522-1730.